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About Me


I am a 3 time Breast Cancer ThriVivor!

I have been living with:

Breast Cancer since November 1998,

Metastatic Breast Cancer since April 2003,

(when I was given 6 months to live!)

and LymphEdema since 2008.

I believe I am still here to inspire others

to learn how to

help heal themselves...Naturally!


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My Story


To read about my cancer path

and being a ThriVivor,

please go to the following page and

click the links at the

bottom of the following page.




Contact Me







Deborah Savarese Kizewski

EnlightndVisions@aol.com ~~ 817-521-5379

Deb1 PlumeriaFrangipani

Plumeria Frangipani by Deborah Savarese Kizewski, taken on the Big Island of Hawaii, 2004.

Inspiring Healing...Naturally!